Flagstaff and environs

Flagstaff, at an elevation of 7,000 feet and surrounded by ponderosa pine forests and framed against the striking snow-topped San Francisco Peaks, looks remarkably like a frontier town in western Canada. The name Flagstaff came from a patriotic act performed by the Boston Party - a group of colonists who, in response to claims of good, cheap farmland underwent an arduous journey westward in the search of good, cheap farmland. On the 4th of July 1876 the colonists celebrated by hoisting the American flag up a nearby pine tree - and so the name Flagstaff was born. Yet, disillusioned with what they found to be inflated claims, few of the colonists actually settled there - although cattle owners found the nearby grasslands to be ideal, and stayed with a handful of others who placed their faith in the arrival of the railroad.

The early 1880s saw loggers making their impact in the nearby ponderosa pine forests, felling the tall trees and stockpiling almost half a million sleepers for the rails, as they headed west with the trans-American railway. In 1882 the Santa Fe Railway arrived and Flagstaff was officially on the map. Then forty-four years later, in 1926 Flagstaff became synonymous with another route - Route 66 a concrete trail from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California and which drew hundreds of thousands of travellers to the Southwest.

Flagstaff today is home to the Northern Arizona University, and is a small, but growing city with a population of 60,000. View images of Flagstaff here. Read about Route 66 by Jacquie Lumb here. Misc images and nfo: Flora. wildlife, trees,

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