About The Arizona Gallery

The images featured in the Arizona Gallery were taken by Jacquie and Richard Lumb while on vacation there between 16th April and 1st May 2007.

Take only pictures - leave only pictures . . .

If you're wondering why a gallery dedicated to a state as vast and as diverse as Arizona only represents a fraction of it, well it's down to the small matter of losing a media wallet complete with spent cards containing in excess of 500 images . . . and what happens when even your back up fails . . ? Well, we did have a sort of back up, back up - good old film - so the Arizona Gallery features Richard's film and my later images. Hopefully these, combined with the background information will give you an insight into the wonderfully diverse state that is Arizona. Jacquie Lumb.
PS. If you visit northern Arizona and just so happen to stumble on a lost and lonely looking media wallet then please get in touch!

Credits: Photographs - Individual photographs credited - individual gallery sections as follows: -

Jacquie Lumb: Arboretum at Flagstaff, Flora, Miscellaneous and Wildlife.

Richard Lumb: Desert Botanical Garden, Monument Valley, Mad and Unusual Trees, Meteor Crater, Montezuma Well, Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, Prescott, Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rocks, Sunset Crater Volcano and Wupatki.

Jacquie Lumb and Richard Lumb: Apache Trail, Flagstaff and Environs, Grand Canyon, Montezuma Castle, Taliesin West and Walnut Canyon. Research: All information pages researched and written by Jacquie Lumb.

Web Design: Design (including incidental graphics), and development by Jacquie Lumb.
Maps: All maps created and designed by Jacquie Lumb.
Copyright 2007 Jacquie Lumb and Richard Lumb. All Rights Reserved. Information may be used for non-profit purposes providing a link to the site and credit is given.

Misc Arizona info and images: Flora. wildlife, trees, National Parks: Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Info, Grand Canyon Map, Walnut Canyon, Walnut Canyon Info, Sunset Crater and Wutapki Monument, Sunset Crater Info, Wupatki Monument Info, Montezuma Castle and Well, Montezuma Castle Info, Montezuma Well Info, Petrified Forest, Petrified Forest Info, Painted Desert Info. Attractions: Apache Trail, Apache Trail Info, Apache Trail Map, Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden, Desert Botanical Garden Info, Meteor Crater, Meteor Crater Info, Monument Valley Tribal Park, Monument Valley Info, Oak Creek Canyon, Oak Creek Info, Slide Rocks State Park, Slide Rocks Info, Taliesin West, Taliesin West, Arboretum at Flagstaff, Arboretum at Flagstaff Info. and Towns and Cities: Flagstaff and envrions, Flagstaff Info, Prescott, Prescott Info, Route 66 Info.

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